Here are some things I or any other REALTOR® would like you to know (just in case we forget to tell you...)
1)        We are specialists in selling houses and in negotiating for our clients. We are not specialists in the various kinds of mortgages that are available nor in what is required by your lender. We are not specialists in spotting the things that a home inspector finds. Spring for the extra few hundred dollars and be protected.
2)        We don't read minds. If you asked for a ranch style house but now you see a two-story Colonial down the road that you want to see, you'll need to call or text or email us to let us know to broaden the search.
3)        If you don't think we're doing a good job in finding you the right house, please let us know so we can make changes or explain why things are going differently than you expected. Please don't just dump us as your agent and tell your friends how horrible we are if you didn't try to change things between us.
4)        If we've shown you houses for a couple days and you happen to see a house for sale by owner or by a Realtor, please don't make the call to them without talking to us first. If you cut us out of a transaction you are an unrepresented buyer and we don't get paid for all that work. We both lose. And technically we could sue you if you broke the Agency Contract (though we probably won't because we want your referral in the future.)
5)        Once you make an offer and it is accepted, please follow all the instructions from your lender as quickly as possible so the transaction moves toward closing as quickly and smoothly as possible.
6)        During that waiting period, don't buy anything on credit. The lender will pull your credit report again within a day or so of closing and if you've changed your debt to income ratio, you won't be able to get that loan.
7)        Please don't change jobs without talking to your lender. That also is cause for denying the loan.
8)        Whatever you do, don't get a divorce unless you're buying the house on only your own income and your lender is aware that you're in process. The lender and title company will need copies of your divorce decree.
9)        Do not deposit large sums of cash in your account without a paper trail. If your parents are gifting you a down payment, ask your lender the best procedure.
10)        You are not going to be able to see everything that's on the market. It you find a house that checks the boxes and is in your price range, make an offer. If you wait, you will probably miss the best house because someone else snatched it up when they recognized a great find.
11)        Don't believe what you see on HGTV. It's fun to watch, but it is staged. That is just simply not real life.
12)        Remember that the best compliment you can give us is a referral to one of your friends or family.

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